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Unity Beads -- wearable works of art that raise the spirits of those wearing them while creating positive impact in the lives of others.  

When you wear Unity Beads™ bracelets you not only look great - you take part in joining our Circle of Giving and shaping the type of world you would like to live in. The Circle of Giving is our concept of sustainable giving every step of the way along the lives of our bracelets. It starts when Unity Beads partners with members of the World Fair Trade Organization to employ women artists in developing countries and provide them with a fair wage in exchange for creating our beautiful glass bead bracelets. This empowers them to provide for their families, and affords them the dignity of benefiting from their talent and efforts in otherwise poverty stricken areas. The pieces created are true works of art, created with pride and love, and the positive impact doesn't stop there - in fact it's just getting started.  Learn more about our circle of giving ...Read More...

If you would like to see Unity Beads bracelets in your area, simply ask your local gift store or boutique to contact us for information by giving them our web site www.UnityBeads.com and use our Suggest A Store link too!

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